A state-of-the-art microscope at Eramet Ideas

With its new scanning electron microscope, Eramet Ideas is strengthening its analytical capabilities  to gain a more detailed picture of the Group’s minerals and support its business strategy.


This cutting-edge scanning electron microscope, the first of its generation anywhere in the world, through the coupling of three microscopy technologies, has just arrived at Eramet Ideas in Trappes, and will enable the Group to enhance the geological knowledge of its mines. This innovative technology will become a real decision-making tool. Thanks to this new scanning electron microscope, our teams can now map the chemical composition of ores from both existing Group operated sites and new exploration areas.

This comprehensive analysis enables our collaborators to determine the composition and structure of the rocks from macroscopic to atomic scale, and thus to predict how it will react during processing and to optimize the mining process of recoverable metals.

Thomas Riegler, ingénieur à Eramet Ideas, présente aux journalistes  le microscope électronique à balayageDr. Thomas Riegler presents the scanning electron microscope at the press conference in Trappes on 29 June.

The surveys carried out using the scanning electron microscope will provide us with a valuable new tool for deepening our geological knowledge about our mines. Understanding the chemical makeup of an ore allows us to know the distribution and nature of minerals carrying metals such as nickel or manganese; we can thus help operators in the valorisation of ores, and their extraction by metallurgical processes.”

Dr Thomas Riegler, geosciences expert at Eramet Ideas

Optimizing operations in order to reduce environmental impacts

By continuously updating the databases relating to our mineral deposits, we are able to optimize the whole extractive activity, from the mine to the production of metals in metallurgical processes.

This new procedure allows us to understand from the outset how mineral deposits were formed and to work on the recoverable metals in these rocks. This enables us to focus our efforts directly on high potential areas, thereby reducing our environmental impact.

Further downstream, improved information about the ores will allow us to optimize the method used for extracting ores from the rocks and to evaluate new processing or reuse options for the ores and residues.

This new tool, which furthers both our digital transformation and operational excellence, is consistent with the Group's CSR road map, which aims to reduce the impact of its activities on the environment and on biodiversity, and to move towards a more responsible mining model.

Laurent Joncourt, President of Eramet Ideas: “We are proud to be able to help Eramet Ideas' teams to expand their knowledge of the mines already in operation as well as the areas we are exploring. A thorough knowledge of the metals and the subsoil being mined allows us to do a better job of planning our mining operations, both from a technical and financial point of view. This new investment reflects Eramet's determination to become a leader in responsible mining, one that seeks to optimize its operations in order to reduce its environmental impact.”