Lasting commitments

Better working conditions, ethical business practices, positive environmental impacts: our suppliers are committed to upholding all of our key commitments, in accordance with the responsible purchasing policy we've formalized. In this way, each of our partners plays an active role in implementing the Group's CSR roadmap and ethical charter.

The Eramet Purchasing Policy revolves around three key objectives: performance, risk mitigation, and creating lasting value for each party. These three pillars form the backbone of the long-term relationship that binds the Group's buyers and suppliers.

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1. Performance

To help improve the Group's EBITDA and cash position, Purchasing is constantly looking for new solutions to reduce costs. At the same time, considerable attention is paid to supporting supplier performance. 

2. Risk mitigation

The Group's Purchasing Policy is designed not only to ensure that all of its CSR risks are fully under control, but also to alleviate the risks related to supplier performance. This involves anticipating financial and computer risks, while also managing compliance risk (i.e. due diligence obligations, the Sapin II law, anti-corruption regulations, the GDPR, etc.).

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3. Creating lasting value for everyone

With its purchasing policy, Eramet aims to create lasting value for each of its stakeholders, making it the ideal commercial partner for the world's best suppliers. To this end, our teams strive to source innovations from suppliers and facilitate the Group's digital transition. Other duties include contributing to make-or-buy and buy-or-lease analyses, as well as improving the efficiency of CAPEX projects.

 Infographics of Eramet purchasing policy

The core mission of the Purchasing Department is to help the Group create value and maintain sustainable economic performance. As such, all of our suppliers are encouraged to work with Eramet to improve their practices, in line with the Group's CSR objectives. 

A whistleblower system

A Professional alert system, accessible to all employees, but also to external stakeholders, has been deployed.. It allows them to report ethical problems, including instances of discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud, bribery, as well as any violations of human rights, as defined under the law. Available worldwide in the thirteen main languages spoken in the Group, the service is outsourced to ensure full transparency, confidentiality and protection for whistleblowers.

If you are a victim of or witness to non-ethical behavior, such as discrimination, unfair treatment, harassment, fraud, bribery, or human rights violations, let us know through the website:

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