Eramet Marietta: a leading manganese alloys producer in the USA

Located in the state of Ohio, Eramet Marietta, is one of America’s leading manganese alloys producers today.

Eramet Marietta, which joined the Eramet group in 1999, and is one of the few manganese alloys manufacturers currently in operation in the US. Eramet Marietta produces 120kt of alloys per year, including:

  • Silicomanganese,
  • Ferromanganese (High Carbon, Medium Carbon, Low Carbon),
  • Manganese by-products (such as manganese tetraoxide and slag).

Eramet Marietta’s main customers include stainless steel producers and the automotive industry, but also steel producers (for the construction, energy and transport sectors) and special steels producers (for the aerospace market).

A unique production process

The plant benefits from a direct supply of manganese ore imported by ship from a mine in Gabon, operated by Comilog, another subsidiary of the Eramet group. Upon reaching the American continent, the ore is loaded onto barges and is transported via the Ohio river to the Eramet Marietta facility, located near the river. 
The ore is then mixed with other raw materials following a one-of-a-kind recipe before being loaded into an electric furnace in order to be smelted. Molten metal is then tapped and flows from the furnace. The final product, from which impurities have been removed, is then cast into molds and left to cool. Last but not least, the solid pieces are crushed into various sizes according to the customer’s requirements. 

An active member of its community

Eramet Marietta is committed to being a good neighbor to its community, while complying with the law. This commitment entails the reduction of CO2 emissions and of the environmental impact regarding waste, air and water.

The company, which is ISO 14 001 and ISO 50 001 certified, has already taken several steps in this direction by:

  • Rebuilding its furnaces to improve energy efficiency and reduce emissions,
  • Installing a Install a fume collection bag house to collect the emissions of furnace 1, the facility’s largest furnace,
  • Implementing a heating, ventilation and air-conditioning system,
  • Leading the development of Good River Distribution, a new energy-efficient water pumping and distribution facility,
  • Upgrading its scrubber system and adding additional fume collection equipment on all its furnaces and refining units.

Eramet Marietta is also involved in the local life and supports local organizations. In addition to sponsoring community events, the company also makes contributions to the YMCA, the EVE domestic violence shelter and veteran groups. During the Covid-19 crisis, Eramet Marietta supported the local health system by financing supplies as well as making financial contributions.

Key figures

  • 70 years of expertise in its field
  • 150 employees
  • $50M of contribution to the local economy each year
  • $60M invested in energy efficiency air quality projects in more than 10 years