The history of Eramet in a few key dates

Eramet Group is the result of the gradual alignment of mining, metallurgy and industrial expertise. More than 140 years of investment, transformation and innovation make Eramet what it is today: a key mining and metallurgy player that is fully committed to an effective and sustainable industry.

1880 – SLN

Creation of SLN (Société Le Nickel) following Jules Garnier’s discovery of nickel ore in New Caledonia.

1907 – Aubert & Duval 

Creation of French company Aubert & Duval, specialising in forging and heat treatment. The company became an Eramet subsidiary in 1999.

1985 – Eramet-SLN

Creation of the parent company Eramet-SLN, bringing together local mining activities in New Caledonia. The company changed its name to Eramet in 1992.

1985 – Comilog

46% integration of Comilog (Compagnie Minière de l’Ogooué), enabling Eramet to expand its mining business to manganese. Later, in 1996, the group became the company's main shareholder. Founded in 1953, Comilog has been operating the Moanda manganese mine in Gabon since 1962.

1992 – Erasteel

Creation of a new entity called Erasteel, uniting the French company La Commentryenne and Sweden's Kloster Speedsteel, acquired in 1989 and 1991 respectively. Eramet becomes the world leader in the high-speed steel sector.

1994 – Stock market launch 

Eramet Group launches on the secondary market of the Paris stock market, with 30% of its capital invested.

2006 – Weda Bay Nickel 

Acquisition of the world-class Weda Bay Nickel deposit in Indonesia.

2014 – C2M and mineral sand mining

Launch of the Moanda Metallurgical Complex (C2M), a facility for converting mineral into silicomanganese and manganese metal in Gabon, and startup of operations to mine mineral sands (zircon and titanium) with TiZir's Grande Côte Opérations (GCO) project in Senegal. The company TiZir was fully integrated in 2018.

2015 – A subsidiary specialising in a fully-integrated solution for aviation-grade titanium

Participation in setting up a subsidiary specialising in a fully-integrated solution for aviation-grade titanium, from mining to delivery of the finished parts. EcoTitanium, Europe’s first plant to manufacture titanium ingots by recycling, was brought online two years later in Saint-Georges-de-Mons in the Puy-de-Dôme region.

2017 – SBF 120

Reintegration in the SBF 120 index following an increase in the Group’s free float and market capitalisation surpassing €3 billion.

2019 – Eramet Ideas

Inauguration of Eramet Ideas, the Group’s ambitious subsidiary dedicated to R&D and innovation.

2019 – Mining exploration project in Cameroon

Permit obtained to conduct exploration work on the rutile block in Akonolinga, Cameroon, in search of mineral sands.

2020 – Nickel ferroalloys in Indonesia

Start-up of the Weda Bay Nickel ferroalloy production plant in Indonesia and first sale by Eramet.

2021 – EuGeLi

Success of the first lithium extraction pilot from geothermal brine in Alsace (France) as part of the EuGeLi (European Geothermal Lithium Brine) project.