Our socially responsible commitments

Eramet believes that making a commitment means transforming the way we view the environmental emergency and society's problems into actions to support sustainable development through its corporate social responsibility (CSR).

In our increasingly fragile world, major industrial groups have a huge responsibility, particularly those in the mining and metallurgy sectors. This is why Eramet has decided to ensure its efforts are aligned with and promote international and sectoral commitments, as well as to formalize these efforts in several policies and charters.

International commitments

Faced with global challenges, Eramet takes action within shared international initiatives. This led the group to join one of the main schemes set up by the United Nations to protect the planet: the Global Compact.

logo global compact

Similarly, the actions of Eramet and its subsidiaries are aligned with the priorities defined by the United Nations to achieve a better, more stable future for all through the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Ensemble de loo ODD

In November 2021, Eramet joined the act4nature international initiative for the preservation of biodiversity and had its commitments recognized as SMART by environmental NGOs and scientific bodies. The Group is thus committed to integrating biodiversity preservation objectives into its corporate strategy as part of its activities. Within two years, the Group will report publicly on the implementation of its objectives.

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Sectoral commitments

As a mining and metallurgy player, Eramet has a singular responsibility: its business has an impact in the areas where the Group operates and must conduct itself completely transparently in sectors that are sometimes under stress. 

To promote transparency and the introduction of international standards in its sector, the Group joined the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative (EITI).

logo EITI

Eramet is also a partner member of the Responsible Minerals Initiative (RMI) with the aim of helping to improve best practices in the sector.

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Policies and charters

From the environment to social dialog, diversity, professional mobility and security, Eramet has asserted its commitments on the most practical topics through several policies and charters. Learn more here.