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Opacity and reflectivity are two exceptional features of titanium dioxide (TiO2) that are widely used in paints, plastics, papers and textiles. There are several types of titanium dioxide:

  • Ilmenite, the most abundant titaniferous raw material, containing between 45% and 60% titanium dioxide, which can be used directly in the production of pigments by the sulfate or chloride route.
  • Rutile, the rarest titanium raw material, contains between 92% and 96% titanium dioxide. This makes it an ideal material for the manufacturing of pigments, as well as for niche markets (titanium metal, electric arc welding, medical, automotive).
  • Leucoxene contains slightly less titanium dioxide than rutile and is used in the same sectors.
  • Titanium dioxide slag (CP Slag), produced by TiZir Titanium and Iron (TTI) using ilmenite from GCO, which is transformed by a smelting process. TTI's slag is used to produce pigments or titanium metal by means of chloride processes.
  • CP fines, a by-product containing chloride slag. It is used for the production of titanium metal that combines extremely high strength, relatively low weight and high corrosion resistance. These properties are ideal for a wide variety of applications such as aircraft components, or in the medical field, for hip replacements and reconstructive bone surgery.
  • CP Coarse, a product developed specifically for the titanium metal industry. It can also be used in the TiO2 sulfate industry as an alternative to sulfate slag. Due to its size distribution being larger than that of chloride slag, it is easier to handle and transport.
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