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At its Moanda mine, Comilog, a subsidiary of the Eramet Group, produces various quality of high-grade manganese oxide ores. 

Lumpy ores

We offer two ranges of lumpy ores. High-grade manganese lumpy ore (MMA), with its low iron content, is specifically intended for the production of ferromanganese (FeMn). High manganese lumpy siliceous ore (MMD) is ideally suited for the production of silicomanganese (SiMn).

This product is highly reactive, allowing a significant reduction in energy consumption and excellent productivity in the furnace. MMA is low in slag-making components (silica, alumina, lime, magnesia). The low iron content makes it a good complementary product for rich ferrous ores. The size of the ore provides a good balance between the high reactivity of the fine material and the high permeability provided by the lumpy ore.

Comilog's ore has a naturally very low boron content (about 10 ppm), which means it can be used to produce alloys needed for applications such as pipelines or shipbuilding, where it helps to reduce issues linked to weaknesses  and improve the quality of welded parts.

Manganese fines

With their high manganese content, our fines have been developed for the production of silicomanganese (SiMn). This ore is used to improve process performance (less waste, reduced energy consumption), particularly in the production of agglomerates. Its low iron content makes it highly complementary to iron rich ores.


HM is a very high-grade manganese ore thanks to benificiation process. This grade is intended for chemical uses: batteries, animal feed, water treatment and other niche markets.

High MnO 2 content, consistent characteristics and product size of HM are particularly suitable for some applications requiring less processing and stability of process performances

This extremely high-quality, highly reactive ore is an excellent product to improve production performance (high productivity, low operating costs, minimized waste production).


Our sinter is an agglomerated material with a high manganese content, intended for the production of silicomanganese (SiMn) and ferromanganese (FeMn).

The chemical composition of the material (silica, alumina) and its physical properties (dry and stable production at a high temperature of 1,200°C) make it exceptional in terms of permeability, stability and productivity. The low iron content makes it a good complementary product for rich ferrous ores. The relatively high alumina content improves metal yields and furnace lining life.

It is designed to provide a broad size range, resulting in a highly permeable structure that improves the gaseous pre-reduction process.

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