High Performance Alloys division's products

Eramet's High Performance Alloys division, which includes Aubert & Duval and Erasteel, designs, develops, transforms and markets the different products. All these products with a high added-value are used in the most demanding industrial sectors: the aerospace, energy and automotive industries, industrial tooling, the medical sector, etc.

Forged parts

Used to make parts, forging is a hot process that produces blanks, with the final part being obtained by subjecting the original shape to a series of operations that can vary in number.

Eramet's High performance alloys division can supply forged parts up to 20 meters long and weighing up to 30 tonnes. These parts are designed in the following materials:

  • High performance steels

  • Superalloys

  • Aluminum alloys

  • Titanium alloys

Closed-die forging

Closed-die forging consists of forming parts, after heating, by pressing them between two engraved blocks – dies – their hollow shape being an exact mirror of the product to be produced.

The High performance alloys division has several closed-die forging presses, including one exerting a force of 65,000 tons. It therefore has one of the three most powerful closed-die forging presses in the world. This tool gives it a special position in cutting-edge markets such as aerospace structural parts.

Eramet's High performance alloys division can supply closed-die forging parts up to 8 meters long and weighing between 50 kilograms and 20 tons in the following materials:

  • High performance steels
  • Titanium alloys
  • Aluminum alloys
  • Superalloys

Long or flat products

These finished products are obtained by forming the metal at high temperature between two moving tools. There are two main processes that can be used one after the other:

  • forging, which produces simple shapes by hammering or pressure;

  • rolling, which produces simple shapes by reducing a section between two cylinders;

  • drawing.

Eramet's High performance alloys division supplies products that may come in the form of:

  • billets, round bars or wire;

  • squares or profiles, flat bars, sheets, discs or strips;

  • forged ingots and semi-finished products.

The range covers a wide variety of metals and grades:

  • High performance steels
  • Superalloys
  • Titanium alloys
  • High-speed steels

Metal powders

Metallurgy is a key technology for Eramet's High performance alloys division, both for Erasteel and for Aubert & Duval.

Erasteel is one of the world’s leading producers of high-speed steel produced by powder metallurgy and has over 40 years’ experience in the sector. In 2011, the company opened a new plant in Sweden doubling its powder production capacity.

Aubert & Duval produces fine-quality metal powders for additive manufacturing at its Irun site (Spain). It also produces fine-quality metal powders for the aerospace at its Imphy site (France) as well as hot isostatic pressing (HIP) parts for the aerospace and energy industries.

  • Pearl® Micro fine Metal Powders
  • Pearl® Metal Powders
  • PM HIP parts

Within the High performance alloys division, Aubert & Duval offers high performance metal parts produced by Hot Isostatic Pressing. The product range include in particular bimetal HIP components as well as complex shape Net Shape (NS) metal components.