Innovate & Design: sustainable performance, the driving force behind R&D

Designing the metals of the future, manufacturing faster and better, devising new products and services in response to today's needs and tomorrow's uses... From the mine to the end product, Eramet's research teams devise solutions that create value, both for us and our industrial partners. 


Optimising our industrial processes

How can the mining and metal industry be transformed to address this century's key challenges? In response to this recurring theme and to continually enhance our competitiveness and agility, we constantly strive to improve our extraction, development and transformation processes.

  • Optimising our recycling processes for a wide range of metals
  • Transforming our industrial processes, reducing energy consumption and emissions
  • Developing new technologies to meet tomorrow's challenges, primarily the energy transition


  • 24M€ dedicated to innovation

Paving the way for the future

Our goal is to consolidate our positions on the markets of the future, such as powder metallurgy and lithium for electric car batteries. Moreover, we aim to find answers to the needs of the new digital and renewable energies industries. 

  • Research in the recycling of numerous metals and their mineral derivatives – including the lanthanide series of rare earths prized by the high-tech industry.
  • Developing new products together with our customers: new grades of steel, superalloys, special steels, etc.
  • Work in sectors of the future such as nickel, lithium and powder metallurgy.
  • Research into the recycling of processed materials, such as lithium and nickel cadmium. 
Portrait of Laurent Joncourt, President of Eramet Ideas


Chairman of Eramet Ideas, the Group's center of excellence

We place value creation at the core of our innovation approach, with the aim of increasing industrialization opportunities in the Group's plants and with our customers and partners. It is an essential condition for contributing to the transformation of the mining and metallurgical industry and to enable it to meet the great challenges of the century to come.

Protecting people and preserving natural balances

Our teams work every day to deliver on a triple commitment: to protect the health of employees and populations, ensure the safety of facilities and limit environmental impacts.

  • Updating risk analyses for processes in development
  • Enhanced medical monitoring for workers exposed to a particular risk
  • Continual analysis of industrial risks along with routine corrections
  • Reducing our environmental footprint is incorporated into all of our work and deploying industrial processes to reuse materials and generate value from waste under a principle of circular economy loops

Sharing an open innovation culture

Working together make better progress faster. Below is a summary of the "agile method" of value creation that we employ at every level in the Group, and which is underpinned by our open innovation approach.

Building a reputation as a European centre of excellence

Unveiled in 2019, Eramet Ideas, our new innovation centre dedicated to extractive metallurgy and recycling, brings together unique areas of expertise on a single site in Trappes.

  • 150 technicians, engineers, project managers, technology specialists and experts in the fields of mineral development and enrichment, research into metal alloys and composite materials, recycling, etc.
  • Ultra-advanced observation tools (such as the first microscope in France featuring the QEMSCAN mineralogy analysis software), advanced laboratory tools for conducting discontinuous metallurgy tests, and pilot and semi-industrial facilities for conducting long-term testing campaigns.
  • Research teams working in close collaboration with line personnel, from the definition of programmes through to the implementation of innovations


  • 150 experts and technicians
  • 10 collaborative projects in Europe


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